Exhibition Preview: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Solo Exhibition opening October 18, 2013


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This is a selection of images from the last nine months spent photographing new construction in China. These photos will be included in a solo exhibition at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (Daxuecheng campus) running from October 18th to October … Continue reading

New Sculpture: Kashgar Column by Patrick D Wilson


Kashgar Column, 2013 wood and laminated C-prints 32" x 18" x 33"

Kashgar Column, 2013
wood and laminated C-prints
32″ x 18″ x 33″

This sculpture is being included in the Surge Art Fair in Chengdu, China. It will be on display through October 5th in the Eastern Suburb Music Park. It is made from new and reclaimed wood and laminated C-Prints. The form is a column capital from a home being renovated in Kashgar, and the images are the removed doors from Kashgar’s Old City. I photographed the old city back in June when I visited Xinjiang. The related blog post and source images are here.


Skymall Under Construction in Chongqing


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Skymall, sometimes written Skymall and sometimes Sky Mall, is a new mixed-use development currently under construction in Chongqing’s University Town. These mixed-use developments, really lifestyle campuses, are small cities unto themselves that serve most of the basic needs for the … Continue reading

Walking the Old Streets of Nanjimen Area, Chongqing


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I woke up this morning and realized that the heat had broken and the air was clear so it seemed like a good day to take pictures. I had been meaning to go down to the area just south of … Continue reading