Process Shanghai – Near Shiliupu Materials Market

The rope store I guess.

These sights are everywhere, but never get old for me. Yes, those are all completely different types of rope, cable, hemp, twine, sisal etc. Always such an amazing profusion of choices in these little shops as you get closer to the place where things come from.

Process Shanghai – Top of the City

RooftopJWMarriott_4393 JWMarriott_4360 Bookshelf_4419

Examining the skyline for interesting rooftops to become sculptures, it was difficult to ignore the JW Marriott in Tomorrow Square.  I was taking pictures from the 38th floor, where the reception lobby is. Not a bad view but not as good as the secret balcony that’s located between the pincers at the top! I was lucky enough to run into the general manager Emma who took me up to the 60th floor and showed me their secret-behind the bookcase (no exaggeration: see image)-hallway leading to the roof. Amazing..thanks Emma!

Process Shanghai – Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

I’m developing forms for initial compositions of new photo sculptures. In an effort to see which areas of Shanghai may be most fruitful for photographing distinctive Chinese architecture, I went to see the model of the city.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center