Exhibition Preview: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Solo Exhibition opening October 18, 2013


This gallery contains 26 photos.

This is a selection of images from the last nine months spent photographing new construction in China. These photos will be included in a solo exhibition at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (Daxuecheng campus) running from October 18th to October … Continue reading

Mianbao Che (Bread Vans)


Mianbao Che (Bread Vans)

These small sized Zongshen brand taxis are the regional flavor of tuktuk. Riding in them is kind of like being in an enclosed motorcycle geared for tilling soil. They go almost anywhere, are tolerated on the sidewalks, smell like gas and are generally a ride at your own risk venture, in that they are unmetered and the drivers probably do not carry any sort of insurance. That said, they can weave through traffic that can stop a taxi, they’re cheap, and oftentimes they are your only option short of hoofin’ it. Apparently they are called mianbao che because of their resemblance to small loaves of bread.